Call for Authors

Dear OPA members and supporters,
Oromia Physicians Association (OPA) cordially calls for Authors who want to prepare contents to be published on OPA media outlets regularly.
Please go through the policy below and be registered through the link to take part on it. We would highly appreciate your compliment and thank you for being part of this.

OPA – updates Editorial policy
“Oromia Physicians Association’s – updates” (OPA – updates) which works at is devoted to providing the community with editorial content that meets the highest educational and editorial standards, focusing on public awareness, healthcare advancements and policies, patient education and professional perspectives. OPA – updates’ editorial content, composed of news, features, and basic reference, is formulated independently of the advertising and promotional content available on OPA, all of which is clearly labeled as such in accordance with the OPA Advertising Policy. Third-party editorial content licensed for use on OPA – updates is held to the same editorial standards as Medscape’s original content.
Purpose of this Manual
This manual provides general writing guidelines for Authors preparing articles and other posts to be published on Oromia Physicians Association website and other media outlets. Manuals and editorial process are designed to ensure that our content remains impartial and unbiased.
To accomplish this, we collect information on relevant and timely issues from professional, social, financial, and set up perspectives with personal interests from contributors as well as possible partners/stakeholders.
Once an author has made necessary changes and an article has been accepted in final form for publication, and the judgment and revision based on technical merit are complete, the articles are sent to the OPA IT and Digitalization Department for publication.
Writing principles for Articles
This may be

medical/scientific updates/news,

personal (Physicians) or organizational blogs,

Contributors to a topic include one or more authors, section editors, and deputy editors, identified at the bottom of each topic. Anonymous peer review is also part of our editorial process. Disclosures of relevant information and/or profile of contributors and their partners are displayed via a link at the bottom of each topic.
Deputy Editors are physicians who work primarily at OPA.
A primary responsibility of the deputy editor is to prevent inappropriate material from being published in OPA contents/articles. The deputy editor on a topic works to ensure that any possible author and editor conflicts are appropriately evaluated and mitigated. Methods of mitigation include peer review, revision or elimination of content, and/or replacement of contributors.
Possible conflicts are also addressed through requirements for references to be provided to support the content.
Appropriately referenced content is required of all authors and must conform to national/international standards of evidence.
Content requirements (though not limited to this list)
 One article should be of 800- 1000 words
 Any health related updates
 Career/professional related

Exemplary cases (confidentiality kept)
 Community health education (Public awareness) in the language they well understand (Afaan Oromoo)
 The article should be in the order of Title—Introduction—Body of the article—Conclusion—References(optional)—Author full information/no nick name
 Articles are finally posted by Editors in Chief
 Authors should not use terms or statements violating community norms
 Article written should have strong reference.
 At least three articles per week will be published on OPA – Updates while other social media outlets can publish short and timely contents more frequently
 Any form of plagiarism, i. e without mentioning the reference is unacceptable.

Oromia Physicians Association will consider/issue
 Certificate of Recognition
 Letter of Support

Recommendation letter
 Will give priority in CPD activities (Providing/ taking trainings)

If you are interested register through the link below.

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