Oromia Physicians Association

Selfless commitment to give back!

About OPA

Oromia Physicians Association (OPA) is a legally registered nonpartisan and not-for-profit professional association in Oromia and Ethiopia since June 11, 2018 G.C. It is an association of physicians which function at regional, national and international level.

OPA Building and OMRC

OPA is proud to announce the planned OPA building and Oromia Medical Research and Training Center (OMRTC) which will lay the basis for its effectiveness and become a place for an art of science for is an idea which triggers members to exercise for excellence. In the esteem of our energetic members, collaborating health oriented organizations, we are optimistic to accomplish it within the coming 3 to 5 years.

Join us, let us serve our community together!



Blessing and ritual session by Abbaa Gadaa
OPA 2nd Annual Conference at ECA Hall
OPA 3rd Annual Conference
ORHB & OPA discuss health care in Oromia
OPA Team, Hamaressa Camp, Harar in 2017
OPA 3rd Annual Conference Panel Discussion
OPA Ambassador Artist Hachalu Hundessa (2018-20)
IOHPA donates PPE worth 1.6 million birr to ORHB
2020 OPA Award Receipts

Our Partners

Cooperative Bank of Oromia