OPA 2022 Award Recipients

Oromia physicians Association held its 4th General assembly on Feb 19, 2022 at Rift Valley University, Abbaa Gadaa Hall.
OPA Give recognition to outstanding personnel each year on various role they had in the community and for their contribution.

This year’s s (2022) OPA Award in the category of achievement in appreciable number of research and publications goes to Professor Esayas Kebede Gudina.
Prof. Esayasa is honorable physician, one of the best scholars in his field and a professor of medicine and consultant physician at Jimma University Institute of Health.

Academic profile: MD (Jimma University, 2006), Internal Medicine specialty (Jimma University, 2010), postgraduate diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, 2011), and PhD in international health (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany, 2016).

Leadership experience: has served as medical director of Jimma University Specialized Hospital (2012 – 2014) and Vice President (Chief Executive Director) for Jimma University Institute of Health (2017-2019).

Research experience: Currently leading multiple research projects in the field of infectious diseases with emphasis on tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, meningitis, antimicrobial resistance, COVID-19, viral hepatitis, and infection prevention and control in healthcare settings. He has published 57 scientific articles on peer reviewed international journals as lead author or co-author.

Current post: Teaching at Department of Internal Medicine at Jimma University and serving as consultant physician at Jimma Medical Center. Additionally, he is serving COVID-19 control initiatives as a chair of scientific advisory council of Jimma Emergency Operation Center for COVID-19 control.

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  1. Congratulations professor Esayes!
    The born clever, kind and our most humble scholar!
    Proud of my OPA for having you on this memorable stage!


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