Oromia Physicians Association Emergency Response Team Community Outreach in 2023 G.C

In 2023, the Oromia Physicians Association’s Emergency Response Team undertook significant efforts in war-affected, drought-stricken, and various outbreak-prone areas within the Oromia region. OPA successfully mobilized 9 multidisciplinary teams of 154 healthcare professionals with diverse expertise, delivering emergency and basic healthcare services to internally displaced persons in Borana, Guji and Wallaga.

Teams have been providing basic and emergency healthcare services, mass vitamin A supplementation and vaccinations, ANC services for pregnant mothers, strengthening of Cholera Treatment Centers (CTC) and responding to malaria affected areas in war affected areas of Western Oromia, and abled to reach more than 19,100 people in need. Our teams reached IDPs in
Dubluk, Dhas Borbor and Gololcha in Borana;
Girja, Wadera, Aga Wayu, Sabba Boru and Goro Dola of Guji;
Beghi, Kondala, Babo Gambel of West Wallaga, and
Hawa Gelan, Gidami and Machara of Kellam Wallaga.

Notably, besides mobilizing teams, OPA contributed immensely to areas grappling with the aftermath of war and drought. A donation of emergency medical supplies valued over 12 million ETB was provided to support IDPs in Horo Guduru Wallaga and Guji, offering crucial support to communities facing challenging circumstances.

Recently, the Emergency Response Team continued extending its commitment to public health emergencies by initiating efforts to address malaria outbreaks in western Oromia. Antimalarial supplies and medical equipment were donated to healthcare facilities already impacted by conflict, further illustrating the association’s dedication to comprehensive healthcare provision.

A heartfelt acknowledgment goes to the super-committed teams whose dedication shone in life-critical situations. Gratitude is extended to stakeholders (IOHPA, ICRC Ethiopia Delegate, Wabii Maccaa Association, WHO Ethiopia, OHB, EPSS, Oromo Community in Northern California, German Düsseldorf, WUIHS, Nekemte Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, World Vision Western Hub, EECMY Western Branch, WMG Biomedical Engineering plc, Gilando Biomedical Solutions, committed individuals such as Dr. Gudeta Hinnika, Sr. Obse Lubo, Dr. Nuredin Sule, Dr. Obsa Hassen, Dr. Ibrahim, Dr. Abdurahaman, and all others who were shouting day and night for our community), different teams in the country, for their valuable contributions through cash & supplies donations and technical assistance. 

As we express our gratitude, Oromia Physicians Association remains steadfast in its commitment to community service, emphasizing that the organization will continue to serve our community regardless of the challenges faced.

As we welcome the new year, 2024, we extend our warmest wishes for happiness and peace to all.

Oromia Physicians Association Emergency Response Team
Oromia Physicians Association

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