Urgent Call to Action: Healthcare Professionals Needed in Malaria-Stricken Western Oromia

Subject: Urgent Call to Action: Healthcare Professionals Needed in Malaria-Stricken Western Oromia

Dear Esteemed OPA’s members and supporters,

We, at Oromia Physicians Association, are reaching out to implore your immediate assistance as our western community face a critical situation that requires the collective effort of skilled healthcare professionals. Oromia region, especially West Wallaga and Kellem are currently experiencing a severe malaria outbreak that is stretching local health resources to their limits. The impact on the communities is devastating, with high rates of morbidity and mortality, particularly among vulnerable populations such as children and pregnant women.

The situation on the ground is dire: healthcare facilities are overwhelmed, and there is an acute shortage of healthcare staff to handle the surge of patients requiring urgent care. In addition to medical treatment, there is a significant need for public health education, vector control initiatives, and other support to contain the spread of the disease.

We are urgently seeking physicians, nurses, public health experts, and other allied health professionals who are ready and willing to volunteer their time and expertise in these affected areas. Your knowledge and hands-on support can make a substantial difference in managing this crisis and saving lives. The need for assistance is immediate.

We are coordinating with International Oromo Health Professionals Association, Oromo Community of Northern California, Wabii Maccaa Association, World Vision Western Hub, Oromo Community in German Düsseldorf city, local health bureaus and other stakeholders to facilitate the deployment of volunteers with antimalaria supplies and ensure that efforts are effective and well-supported. By contributing to this cause, you will be providing essential care to those in need and helping to mitigate the impact of one of the most significant health challenges faced by this region.

Please consider this urgent plea for your expertise and compassion. Time is of the essence, and your prompt response could be the difference between life and death for many.

For those ready to answer this call, please fill in this link https://view.forms.app/oromiaphysiciansassociat/volunteer-recruitment-form and you can contact us at opasecretariat1@gmail.com /+251 111 262 169 / +251911513372 / +251910131715 for further details on how you can help. Your swift action is greatly appreciated and will be instrumental in our fight against this devastating disease.

Yours truly,

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