OPA 4th Anniversary


15th December marked the anniversary of Oromia Physicians Association’s formal inauguration. Through all the ups and downs, OPA has made its way to being 4 years old as of December 15, 2021 G.C. Oromia Physicians Association (OPA) was founded in 2017 G.C at a meeting called to support Oromo communities displaced from the Somalia region. It was a moment when a peaceful protest swept through Oromia and we were left in pain due to close to 1 million Oromo displaced internally. During this time, physicians in Oromia were gathered at Caffee Oromia Hall to discuss how to provide support for the displaced communities. A very substantive discussion made at the time finally marked on the need to establish an association which brings all physicians for collective effort.

Dear esteemed members, partners/stakeholders, since the establishment of Oromia Physicians Association, you have been rock-solid support to us. OPA is proud to have you on board as its member/partner/stakeholder, and want you to know that your support and trust have been the biggest drive towards its continued journey. OPA wants to extend its heartfelt gratitude for its members that they have always been on the top of the list for serving the community with their generous services.

Dear OPA partners (OHB, IOHPA, etc), you are not just our partners, you are the assets that we value most. Thanks for being a part of us!

Dear OPA former EC and Board members, we could not be here if it was not for your unconditional dedication and hard work.

With its members’ courageous and selfless commitments, all OPA’s dreams can come true; and the reason for which this association can sustain too. Dear all, despite the ups and downs, we are so grateful for having you and looking forward to your continued membership and partnership.

Happy 4th Anniversary all!
Selfless commitment to give back!
Oromia Physicians Association
December 15, 2021

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