OPA’s 2022 Award Recipient

OPA’s 4th annual conference award recipient for his achievement in serving Oromia from abroad goes to Dr. Nuredin Sule

He has been encouraging the diaspora health professional Oromos to do more to change the healthcare of our country.

Currently he is also acting as Public Relation and Treasurer in International Oromo Health Professionals Association (IOHPA)

He was born in Chiro, West Hararghe and moved to Finfinnee by the time he started school. He attended Abadir Elementary School from the first grade through eighth. He continued his Secondary School education in Addis Katama.

The root of his education is planted, and his love of learning was planted here in his country. He carried it to the new country when he migrated to the United States.

He immigrated to the US through Green Card Visa program and settled in Atlanta, Georgia where he has been living since. He went to college and chose the Pre-Pharmacy Pathway for two years and transferred to Mercer University for their graduate Pharmacy program. He graduated in 2004 with his Doctorate in Pharmacy with honors and became licensed right away. He has been board certified pharmacist and serving his community with his profession for the 18 years and continuing.

What inspired him to become a pharmacist was a family friend who was a local pharmacist in Finfinnee where he grew up. He saw firsthand how vital his role was in ensuring the health of the community. Whenever people got sick and needed medicine, he was the guy everyone thought of. He was easily accessible and compassionate. In the era where access to medical care and medication was hard to get to, he was there to take care of everyone in any way that he could. The passion he had for his profession and the compassion he practiced caring for everyone who came through his doors instilled a lifetime drive to walk in his footsteps. He has chosen his path and he stayed on that path during his six years of study to become a pharmacist. He has never wavered nor changed his mind or hesitate in his choice to become a pharmacist. He had a vision to execute, and he worked to realized it.

He was looking for ways to give back to his birth country, Oromia before International Oromia Health Practitioners Association (correct the name but must have a full name in the first mention) was founded. He knew my individual contribution would be welcome but insignificant due to the severe needs present in healthcare in Oromia. We realize we can come together as health practitioners from varies fields and contribute in impactful and meaningful way.

Picture: taken from social media

The group of health care professionals who are decedents of Oromia decided to get together and establish IOHPA. The goal and the mission of IOHPA is to change the healthcare standard and quality for underserved and rural parts of Oromia. He serves as a public relations officer and treasurer for IOHPA. They decided that they will work on the mission and vision of IOHPA one assigned areas at a time.

His birthplace Chiro was picked at the first major project, and they wanted to focus on Chiro Hospital. This first project put them in direct working collaboration of Oromia Physician Association (OPA), through collaboration and partnership we have accomplished many more goals. The relationship of IOHPA and OPA is crucial in delivering our goal and vison that we must transform healthcare across Oromia, and we plan to maintain it.

Picture: taken from social media shows while he was at Chiro Hospital with

He came home to Oromia in 2019 to examine the site of their project Chiro Hospital. He has meticulously documented the condition of the hospital, the staff and the conditions of care provided to the patients. This is the only hospital serving the population Chiro and surrounding areas which put heavy restrains on the hospital and staff. His observation of the hospital and the working conditions of the healthcare professionals and care of the patients were hard to witness. The healthcare professionals are under-resourced, under-paid, under constant pressure and stretched to their limits. The most inspiring group of professionals who serve their communities every day enduring all the negative issues they face. These professionals are not given adequate level of respect for daunting tasks to choose to face and deliver every day. They know that they are invaluable assets to the community, and they have made their lives mission to care for their community and they should be respected and compensated accordingly. This is not a critic but an observation as a healthcare profession. When he returned home, he promised himself to do anything possible through IOHPA to help out OPA and he is still trying to keep that promise. He is a firm believer every action count and every step they take as an individual or a group towards delivering positive change is a step in the right direction.

He one’s said “My dream of seeing my country Oromia build a better healthcare systems and practices is not just a dream, it is practical and possible. It is not a choice for those of us who can contribute and move this needle forward to better healthcare and access to healthcare in Oromia, it is an obligation. If we do not help our people while we have the resources, expertise, and access, it is a massive waste of potential in our end and a devastating loss for our people”.

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“We all need someone to see us, to believe in us and to share our passion with us. The healthcare professionals I met at Chiro hospital were happy to see someone that share their profession and passion to come and see them. I had the opportunity to deliver medical supplies and train them on how to use that equipment to serve their patients better. I saw their passion, their vision for tomorrow, their concerns and worries and their hope. Those of us can help contribute to the visions of these amazing healthcare professionals at Chiro or anywhere else in Oromia we must. I encourage and broadcast a call to action to diaspora health professional Oromos to contribute towards the mission of changing healthcare access and practice across Oromia. I want us to answer the call of our generation and leave a legacy and footprint all over Oromia. It is the least we can do for our country and people. In the words of the late Nuho Gobana “isin waamti Harmeen” will we answer the call?”

Dr. Nuredin Sule

Oromia Physicians Association

Selfless commitment to give back!

March 2022


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