Register for upcoming OPA’s 4th Annual Conference

Dear honored OPA members;
We are pleased to inform you that OPA’s 4th annual conference organizing team is finishing up the preparation to welcome you on February 19, 2022. This years’ conference will be held at Galma Tokkummaa found in the Rift Valley University head quarter compound with the theme of “Resilient health care system in Conflict affected areas”. Participants of the annual conference will be attending to a number of presentations including but not limited to researches, seminars, annual report, annual plan, and mini sponsors’ exhibition. This event will also feature speeches by officials, honorable guests, expertise and panel discussion. It will create unlimited networking opportunities for members, hospitals and institutions. OPA Annual Conference organizing committee hence would like to invite you for registration and research abstract submission. Regarding our conditions of registration we would like to let you know that sticking to the below listed points in advance.

  1. Registration starts on January 26, 2022 and closes on February 05, 2022. No registration, later than the deadline will be accepted. As OPA’s Annual Conference organizing committee attempts to include all interested members to participate on the event, the spot we could secure and the COVID 19 protocol might limit the number. Accordingly, it is highly advised that one has to make sure for his/her availability before registering so that others are not deprived of the chance to secure a spot. Should we go on selecting participants, registered members will be given all the priorities.
  2. Refreshment will be provided for all participants over which our participants will be networking. Travel costs are planned to be covered for participating members coming from remote areas of the region.
  3. Registration will be online on attached link. We would not be accepting registration in any other forms including oral or an in-person request for registration.
  4. Researchers who have submitted their research abstracts will be provided grant to attend the event.
  5. Recognition and Award will be provided for best performers of the year in different aspects. Members will be notified for nomination in during the event. These participants might not need to register online.
  6. Participants are expected to attend the whole day session. Certificate will be provided only for those who attended the whole day.
  7. Register here
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