workshop to establish the Center of Excellence in Trauma Care

Wallaga University Institute Health Science conducted a workshop to establish the Center of Excellence in Trauma Care on 2nd September 2022. Injury is one of the significantly increasing health problems throughout the country, mostly western part, causing death and permanent disabilities.

This proposed project is to establish a level I trauma care center at Wallaga University as a center excellence within the health science institute .The Level I Trauma Care Facility will provide the highest level of definitive and comprehensive care for patients from minor injury to polytrauma. Emergency physicians, Nurses, Surgeons Anesthetists, Anesthesiologists, Orthopedicians, Neurosurgeons, Emergency medical technicians, and other health task forces would be in-house and available to the trauma patient immediately on their arrival. The services of all major specialties associated with trauma care would be available24-hours a day and 7-days a week (24*7). The trauma care services encompass pre-hospital care, hospital and rehabilitations It will also focus on capacity building, Action researches and surveillance, and community service to the population within its catchment and beyond.

We, at Oromia Physicians Association, are very enthusiastic about this pioneer concept about establishing a center of excellence and appreciate it.  As very few trauma centers in our country congregate at the center, this will be the first to be established and serve the community on the periphery. 

 All stakeholders are cordially invited to support this huge and far reaching project. 

Selfless commitments to give back!

Nekemte, Oromia

September 2, 2022 G.C

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