OPA’s 2022 Award Recipient

OPA’s 4th annual conference award winner for his achievement in extra medical services goes to Dr. Dhaba Bayissa

This well-respected physician born on 16 November 1976G.C in west Shawa, Gindabarat Woreda, specific area called Gaba Gamada.
Attended elementary school at Chulute(Culluxxee) elememtary school and high school at Gindabarat high school. In 1995 GC, on completing high school, scored 4.0 points for the first time in the history of the high school and joined Addis Ababa University Medical Faculty.

Graduated from AAU in 2003 G.C. and assigned to a newly constructed Nedjo Hospital as a director of the hospital. Started establishment of the hospital from a scratch and developed it to one of a well-established and trusted hospitals in Oromia. Besides this, there was a lot of community services done inside and outside of the hospital including the 1996 E.C malaria epidemic response at the neighboring Jarso woreda specific area called Shimel Tokke.

After four years of government service, started private business with small clinic at Nekemte which later grew in to two higher clinics with different specialists and equipments in the town.
In addition to health services and social services, have established a road construction service and are building different small road projects mostly in western Oromia woredas.
Married and a father of four children.

Oromia Physicians Association

Selfless commitment to give back!

February 2022 G.C


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  1. Please tell us why the award is given. Is it because he has worked at newly constructed NaJJo Hospital? Or because he has opened private Clinics?


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