Oromia Physicians Association (OPA) Profile


Oromia Physicians Association (OPA) is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit and non-governmental professional association that aims at improving healthcare system for betterment of public health in Oromia Regional State and Ethiopia.

OPA has more than 2000 members at 14 clusters across Oromia and Addis Ababa. OPA is relentlessly working with stakeholders like Oromia Health Bureau (including Zonal and Woreda offices), International Oromo Health Professionals Association (IOHPA), Wabii Maccaa Association, ICRC Ethiopia, World Health Organization Ethiopia, UOEC, Macha Tulama Association, EECMY, World Vision, National Blood Bank, ERCS, Universities, hospitals and others.


Realizing provision of quality and equitable healthcare service delivery in Oromia region by identifying the health care service problems in Oromia by conducting research and responding according to the findings and by creating physicians who discharge their duties with the highest level of commitment and whose rights are protected and by working in cooperation with different service providers who share the vision of the association.


To see physicians, who understand their obligation, whose rights are protected and who discharge their obligations with commitment in the effort made to take the health care service delivery to the highest level in Oromia region created.


OPA has been providing professional, humanitarian and holistic support to our community at various times in Oromia.

  • Organized various voluntarism activities
  • Capacitating its members by providing updated trainings
  • Has been participating on large public gatherings (Irrecha, Meskel, et al) as Emergency Response Team
  • Reaching out to IDPs (Eastern Oromia Hammaressa and Dirra Dhawa camps, Western Oromia Horo Guduru, Borena, Guji, Benishangul etc) including the current situations in Oromia
  • Chairing Oromia Health Bureau COVID-19 Advisory Council
  • CPD accredited by Ministry of Health
  • Currently, responding to deadly malaria outbreak in Western Oromia (mobilizing multidisciplinary teams to Beghi, Kondala, Babo Gambel, Hawa Gelan, Dale Wabera, Lalo Kile, Dale Sadi, Sayyo, Gawo Kebe, Ayira, et al, supporting with antimalarial supplies)
  • Advocating the dire situations in our region due to drought, war, epidemics and others to governmental (regional & federal health offices) and nongovernmental bodies (national & international humanitarians)


Website: https://www.oromiaphysicians.org

 Facebook page:  Oromia Physicians Association – Waldaa Haakimoota Oromiyaa | Facebook

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/oromia-physicians-association/

Twitter: @oromiaphysicians

Telegram/WhatsApp: +251911513372

Phone: +251 111 262 169

Fax: +251 111 262 178

P. O. Box: 30286

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